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Separation Help UK (SH-UK) is a new organisation set up to address the multiphase needs of people going through separation or divorce.


The need has arisen from the increased number of couples separating. The growing level of domestic violence has resulted in a severe lack of the necessary support for those experiencing the trauma of separation.


Separation Help assists people through the process of separation or divorce by re- affirming their confidence and by reducing anxiety levels, fear and stresses. We assist people in a difficult relationship to understand their own situation and become more self – aware of their circumstances. Hopefully, this enables separators to make better decisions and choices to bring back equilibrium to their lives.


We offer support to people in relationships who have behavioural traits associated with personality disorders, such as controlling behaviour, dependency and co-dependency, anti-social and narcissistic personality.


At the heart of our approach is a commitment to couples helping each other. They may choose to continue in the relationship by resolving the issues, or dissolve the relationship by separating.



Separation Anxiety and mental health problems brought about by separation are the most under-estimated and under-recognised social trauma in the UK today.


I.8 million people (1.1 million women and 700,000 men) experienced domestic violence in 2012/13. The figure rose to 1.9 million persons in 2014/2015.


25% of all violent crime committed in the UK is due to domestic violence. Children can be affected by their parents divorcing as it is now becoming a generational issue that is escalating year on year.

There is compelling evidence that the more acrimonious and chaotic the separation the greater the impact on the children. In one recent study, it was revealed that of 2,500 families entering mediation approximately 75% of parents indicted that domestic violence had occurred during the relationship.


Our workshops and our online presence explain how people can resolve their issues within their own very personal and unique situations. We help individuals understand and recognise behavioural traits associated with personality disorders. Through informal and supportive mentoring, we will help separators make the right choices in difficult circumstances.


Separation Help's online web platform will provide practical advice, webinars and forums so that people working together can share and tackle their problems.

Available 24 hours a day and with total anonymity.


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Separation Support is a free to access independent web portal for people going through separation (separators).  Our aim is providing “separators” with necessary support and information which is unbiased to help you consider all the implications that may arise from your separation.  You may need to consider legal, financial and emotional matters.  We can signpost you to the correct expert in their chosen field.

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